Creating an API Key

To request one or more API Keys, please login to the Wallet Administrative Portal.

Go to Settings » My Profile » My Account » My API Keys:

Input a title and description for your new key:

You'll be prompted to save the key to a safe location:

NOTE: Once you close this prompt, you can never access the key again. Please save your key someplace safe. The key shown in the screenshot above has been permanently deleted, which is why it's shared in the image above for documentation purposes only.

Using the API Key

The Wallet API expects the API key to be sent in the header, in a property called access-token. For an example of how to set this property in the header, please visit the Using Postman walkthrough for a screenshot and details.

Simply apply this API key to your favorite HTTP client or directly into the Wallet API Reference pages here in the Wallet Developer Hub.

If you have any questions or difficulties with this process, please contact us: [email protected]

Thanks & happy coding!
-The Wallet Inc Development Team