• Club Members: merchant can now search by first name, last name, member ID, or phone number.
  • Media Files: now supports saving files into folders, and retrieving from specified folders, for better management of resources.
  • SMS Help Desk: now supports sending & receiving media files.
  • Admin Portal: Left-nav updated with clearer dropdown indicators on mouseover.


  • Full support for all international currencies. Merchants can choose their preferred currency symbol in the Merchant Profile page.
  • Registration: "State" field is now an optional field. This allows us to accommodate international businesses.
  • Membership Club: Can now update membership records with a spreadsheet upload.
  • Image Grid (beta): New feature in the Wallet UI for displaying images with titles and links to external sites.
  • Dashboard: Users are now greeted with a walkthrough process on their first viewing of the dashboard.
  • Dashboard: Enhancements and bug fixes for clickable links in tiles, with appropriate permissions applied.
  • File uploads: Files that are too large are now displaying a better error message to the user.
  • Media Library: Better rendering of images in the modal popup.
  • Wallet UI: Fix for missing logout button when consumer has no merchants saved.
  • Wallet UI: URLs that have been added by a merchant are now automatically converted into links on the News, Events, Promo Codes, and Contact Us pages.
  • Payment Designs: Fixed z-index overlapping divs.
  • Account Verification Emails: When a user attempts to verify their email address with an expired or invalid link, they are now directed to the login page with better messaging.
  • Live Support (SalesIQ): moved from botton-right corner of the page to under the left-nav menu items.
  • New Drag/Drop standard has been established for use on other pages.
  • CI/CD DNS enhancements for name resolution.
  • Security enhancement for IDOR requests.
  • Security enhancement for 401b requests.


  • Merchant Profile Termination: Merchants now have the ability to delete their account. This feature can be accessed in the Company Info -> Location page, in the top-right corner.


  • Dashboard: Tiles can now be clicked to navigate the user to the appropriate page.
  • Dashboard: Tiles now take into account the user's permissions. Restricted access will not allow a click.
  • Dashboard: Tiles now take into account the merchant's subscription. Tiles associated with features that aren't part of their subscription will not allow a click.
  • Merchant Mobile Scanner app: Search by Member ID now has better error handling to support testing from Apple's App Store review team.
  • Admin Portal: Tables are more responsive, allowing horizontal scrolling at low screen resolution.
  • Admin Portal: SMS/MMS features are now a top-level category in left-nav, separate from Communications.
  • API: Introduction of new models for additional type safety.
  • API: Removal of legacy authentication process. Better documentation of steps for developers to authenticate using API tokens generated within the admin portal.


  • Video Walkthroughs: Settings & Security features now have step-by-step walkthroughs, provided by Zak.
  • Quick Links: Long titles are now dynamically truncated with an ellipsis based on screen width.
  • News: Long titles are now dynamically truncated with an ellipsis based on screen width.
  • Events: Long titles are now dynamically truncated with an ellipsis based on screen width.
  • Search By Member: This page now shows the customer's name and phone number at the top of the page, helping support staff ensure that they've located the correct member.


  • News articles are now fetched in the ascending order of their defined order number property.
  • Added API that returns an employee's VCard info.
  • Public Representative: The wallet now allows for team members to be listed as representatives and a vCard can be downloaded directly into the consumer's smartphone.
  • Improved tracking of invalid or missing vanity handles.
  • Updated readme file for api-clients to access our Developer Hub for support.
  • POS Configuration, added: Brink, Lavu, Lightspeed, Maitre'd, NCR-Aloha, NCR-CC, Squirrel Systems, Toast, XPIENT


  • Hotfix for Advertisement Credits: Resolution for 404s
  • Hotfix for SMS Opt-in via POST requests.


  • Live Events can now be marked "Sold Out".
  • Improved UX when attaching images to Promo Codes, Events, News / Blog posts.
  • Bug Fix: Live Event page now uses the calendar properly on create, in addition to save.
  • Bug Fix: Input validation on Quick Links page fixed to prevent duplicate messages on "title" field.


  • Payment Designs now fill the area completely, regardless of border size.
  • Vanity URL collisions now prevented during save.
  • Vanity URLs are now automatically saved in lowercase.
  • Wallet UI: Authenticated user icon has changed from a wallet with a checkmark to a location indicator.
  • Wallet UI: Right & left menus both no longer have shadows.
  • Wallet UI: Background has been changed from off-white to pure white. This corrects some discoloration in the UI with overlapping containers.
  • Wallet UI: Page titles have been improved for better UX and Google Analytics reports.


  • Wallet UI: Promo Codes page now supports images.
  • News, Live Events, Promo Codes, and Quick Links now show the employee a link to each Wallet UI page during edit mode.
  • Wallet UI: Quick Links page now uses more subtle dashed lines for sections. Slightly improved UX.
  • Discourse SSO improvements.
  • Merchant Location page had a bug when loading industries. Now fixed.