Website QR Code Opt-In

The following instructions will guide you through the installation of our "Website QR Code" buttons into your website.

This feature can be accessed on either of these two pages:

SMS/MMS » My Numbers


SMS/MMS » My Subscribers » Opt-In Keywords

This article is regarding the QR code displayed on the right-hand side of these pages. Simply click the "Download Barcode" button to download an image of this barcode, and then place into to your website anywhere that you wish.

You might want to change the height and width of the image in an editor program (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) to fit the needs of your website. For this reason, we have used a high-contrast QR Code, with only black and white colors. By using a high-contrast QR code (instead of using fancy colors or styles) this allows you to shrink the barcode to a smaller size, if needed, while still maintaining the readability of the image.

When your customers scan the barcode on your website, it will open the "Messages" app on their smartphone, with the subject line already pre-populated with the required text to opt-in, or receive support from your customer service team through the "SMS Help Desk" tool in the Wallet Platform.

Pro-Tip: We recommend hiding the barcode for your visitors that are using a mobile device. This is because mobile devices don't currently support scanning a QR code from within the browser. We highly recommend displaying the "1-Click Opt-In Button" to them instead, when they are on a mobile device. This provides a much better user experience for your desktop and mobile visitors.

f you have any difficulty with installing the QR code in your website, please connect with us on our Discord channel:


-The Wallet Inc Development Team