Printable QR Code Opt-In

The following instructions will guide you through the installation of our "Printable QR Code" opt-in functionality to capture new SMS subscribers.

This feature can be accessed on the SMS/MMS » My Subscribers » Opt-In Sources page:

The SMS Opt-In Sources page allows you to generate attractive signage that you can use at trade shows, at the front-desk of your office, on menus of your restaurant, or throughout your property / resort.

To generate this image, you will first need an SMS/MMS phone number in the Wallet Platform.

Once you have requested and obtained a phone number, you must create one or more "Opt-In Keywords" on the SMS/MMS » My Subscribers » Opt-In Keywords page.

Once you have created a keyword, you can add one or more opt-in sources to that keyword. This allows you to segment and identify your subscribers, as they come through each of the channels and affiliates that your business has established.

Simply click the "View" icon next to your new source, and the page will display the signage on the right-hand side. You can easily preview the behavior of scanning the barcode, download just the barcode, or print the entire image for display in your business.

When the barcode is scanned by a customer, they will see a friendly user interface that prompts them to enter their phone number to subscribe:

This is an incredible tool that allows you to quickly grow your SMS subscriber list passively and effortlessly, as visitors encounter your brand.

If you have any difficulty with installing the QR code in your website, please connect with us on our Discord channel:


-The Wallet Inc Development Team