1-Click Button Opt-In

The following instructions will guide you through the installation of our "1-Click SMS Opt-In", or "1-Click SMS Help Desk" buttons into your website.

This feature can be accessed on either of these two pages:

SMS/MMS » My Numbers


SMS/MMS » My Subscribers » Opt-In Keywords

This article is regarding the JavaScript code displayed on the left-hand side of these pages. You can copy/paste this code into your website to install a "1-Click SMS" button into to your website.

This button allows the visitors of your website to connect with your company by clicking a single button. The button is only visible to users on mobile devices, and it is automatically hidden for all visitors that are using desktop browsers, since desktop browsers do not have an SMS/MMS messaging app on them.

Before placing the code snippet (JS script) directly into a page, a few things to note:

  1. This script injects a button into the website, right where the SCRIPT code is placed.
  2. For this reason, do not place the script in the HEAD tag of your site. Instead, place the script exactly where you want it to appear to visitors.
  3. The button will be visible only when the page is viewed on a mobile device. You will not see the button when viewing the page through a desktop browser. This can make development and testing tricky, because you can't see the button while developing from your desktop/laptop.
  4. If you wish to view the button while developing, you can use Chrome's DevTools (or your favorite browser's equivalent DOM inspection tool) to emulate a mobile browser. Just be sure to refresh the page after turning on the mobile device emulator, so the script will display the button.
  5. The button is automatically assigned the CSS class name of "btn-wallet-sms-opt-in". Simply define this class on the page (or in your existing CSS files) to style the button however you wish.
  6. The button does not rely on any external frameworks or styles like Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular, or React, so there's no need to include any other external scripts or stylesheets. It's just plain vanilla JavaScript.
  7. When the button is clicked from a mobile device, it should open the "Messages" app on the device, with the appropriate keyword already loaded into the subject line, ready for the visitor to press send. This simplifies the opt-in process, or customer service request process, by connecting the user with the correct phone number and message for the Wallet platform to respond to the message.

If you have any difficulty with installing the button on your website, please connect with us on our Discord channel: https://discord.com/invite/xzwhcNCjcQ


-The Wallet Inc Development Team